Introduction and Artist Background

My artwork is dedicated to those who love Outer Space, Deep Oceans, and Celestial Light!  Bright and colorful astronomical themes like exo-planets, nebulas, moons, and landscapes. Unique concepts and thought-provoking images created from the imagination of the artist.  My approach starts with a mixed media process using watercolors, acrylics, and alcohol inks on a full sheet of 300# heat pressed watercolor paper to create my background (very abstract at this point).  Then I take a few days or weeks to "stare" at the image until my mind begins to discern shapes and patterns where I didn't see anything before....once I feel like I know what the image wants to be, I load the high-resolution digital file into Photoshop.  There I can create layers on top of the original image (without damaging the original image), and then use any of the thousands of Photoshop brushes to paint in the exo-planets, nebulas, moons, and landscapes that I see in my mind.  Then I have the finished image converted a second time into a high-resolution digital file that will produce the intensely colorful pieces you see here.  
All artwork shown is © Don White 2017. 
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Artist Don White