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Comments on how everything comes together

Comments on Medium and Substrate:


Early Stage Wash

I start in one medium and end up in another, so I wanted to explain it a little...... this whole thing started when my cat, a 19 pound Maine Coon named "Missus Whatsit" -- yes, the one you can see in the front page photo -- jumped up on my art table (where she knew she wasn't allowed) and while looking me right in the eye, she casually tipped an open ink bottle right on to a wet watercolor/acrylic wash I had just finished...!!#%^&!...of course I chased the cat out of the room (she's way quicker than me so I didn't have a chance), and by the time I came back a couple minutes later, something amazing had started to happen, it just needed to be controlled...that's all I can say...anyway, Missus can sit with me whenever she wants now, and this incident led to the approach I currently use:

I combine the physical media of watercolor washes, splashes of a Sharpies™ and Isopropyl alcohol mix I stumbled on, strategically placed blobs of acrylic paint and multiple Pen renderings of the "characters" for each piece (notice the hundreds of hand drawn colored circles that form the "quantum field" underneath each image).  I experiment with the watercolors, inks, alcohol washes, and acrylics separately, then when I am happy with each one individually, I layer them together in Photoshop to create the final image....I know what I want from the beginning but in the end, the image creates itself....

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