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About the Artist

      cat watches me draw
Don White is a self-trained, contemporary abstract painter and color artist. If you love intense, vibrant colors that are brought together in unexpected relationships then you might like this body of work.
"How can I explain this...I am not trying to "be an artist", I just want to get some of the images in my head on to paper, I'll try anything I can think of to get the effects I want..."  DGW
Don currently resides in St Paul, Minnesota. He has been creating art in various forms throughout his life - spontaneously doodling and coloring since grade school to express ideas and concepts...What if gravity pushed instead of pulled?....What if the Big Bang was really the other side of a Black Hole poking through space-time?...What if color was just sound at a higher frequency?.....
Don's work represents an approach that is more about ideas than it is about things.... . Besides  his online, website and social outreach, his art is featured in several National on-line galleries and is licensed internationally through under musicdreamerart.  He also has original work permanently placed in private collections from Las Vegas, Nevada to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here in the Twin Cities, Don's work can currently be seen around town at gallery shows, Twin Cities area restaurants, and coffeehouses.
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