More amazeballs art!

More amazeballs art from @donwhiteouterspace ... this, I swear to Somebody, is like the artist peeked inside my head and recognized the Universe I was envisioning for one of my #wip novels. And made it better. So this masterpiece is now hanging on my wall above my writing desk! 

Abandoned Outpost -Outer Space Art by Don White - Art Dreamer

Fast App!

Fast app, great art Feb 10, 2018.  I already follow this artist, but this app is a nice addition, fast and smooth, easy to navigate. Art is really unique, haven't seen anything like this out there. And a surprising amount of product options!


Amazing art!

Amazing art that brightens any room and gifts that will impress anyone!

Jessica Strain


To those who believe there has to be more to life than the chaos we see around us.....and to my Dad.

DW 2018